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3 Combinations you Must try.....

Spring is here the flowers are blooming the light breeze is flowing and we are inside staying safe. Well we would love to bring the outdoors to you with our top spring scents! I'll be going over my favorite & top sellers for spring. Hopefully you can find your favorite combination. Be sure to let us know what you think is the best combination.

Yerba Buena & Goddess Refreshing

With cool mint tones and eucalyptus Yerba Buena is a great way to bring in the cool calm breeze from outdoors inside. Goddess is a mix of citrus scents like lemon, grapefruits, and limes. A combination of citrus really brings in the feel of open space while brighting up the area. The refreshing combination of both these candles will be a sure fire way to bring the outdoors in without having to step foot outside. My best advice is Yerba Buena in the living room while Goddess lights up the kitchen to refresh the area everyone seems to be in lately.

Juana La Cubana & Viva Frida Tropical Getaway

If you'd like a fun drinks by the beach vibe these two are the best for you!

Juana la Cubana's bright scents are a great way to bring fun into the room with notes of Pineapple, coconut, and papaya it will surely feel like you've stepped into a cabana for a fruity getaway. Viva Frida has the most beautiful scents of Mango and Papaya again bringing in the fruity aromas but playing it down with the papaya which helps dilute a strong overwhelming sweetness of the pairing fruits.

Mimosa & Brunch Morning Mood Lifter

Grabbing a drink with friends is always an amazing feeling. Why not bring that feeling home with these two babes! Mimosas with her bright opening scents and Brunch with her soft fresh cut peach scent is the best way to start your day. A mood lifter with its essential oil infusions I couldn't recommend this combination more it is sunshine in a jar.


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