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Veggie Tacos!

This year was set to be amazing on paper but TBH its been nothing close to okay. But lets not loose our spirits. Taco Tuesday has landed on Cinco de Mayo! There are so many tacos to try out today, I wanted to share some that are super easy to make and anyone can eat them, from your vegan tia to your dad.


Vegan options for ingredients linked below

*1 can of whole kernel corn

*3 Mexican Squash ( Calabazitas)

*2 Roma tomatos

*1 Tbs chicken Bouillon / Vegan Chickenless seasoning

*1/3 cups of Monterey Cheese / Vegan Cheese


*Cut all squash & tomato into small square pieces

*Spray sauce pan with light oil wait until oil is heated

*Place all squash pieces in pan and sauté until light brown color appears

*Add 1/3 water to pan

*Add cut tomato pieces into pan

*Add your seasoning 1tbs of Chicken flavoring

*Turn heat on to low/medium

*check for soft texture in squash

*Add your corn

*Seal for another 5 minutes or until water is nearly gone (do not let water simmer away)

*Turn of Heat and we are ready to prepare the tacos!

*Add desire amount of cheese to each taco and Enjoy

If you try our recipe be sure to tag us! @isatheshop

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