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Wax Melts how to's

Hello beauties,

We've been pumping out all new wax melts but I realized many of my customers didn't know what I was talking about!Lets get into it, today I will be showing y'all the wonderful world of Wax Melts. We offer a wax melt starter kit on our website, be sure to check them out.

Wax Melt Starter Kit

* Wax Burner

* 4 Tea lights

* Wax Melt Samplers


  • First you want to place your burner on a safe stable location

  • Second take one of the 4 tea lights and place it in the hallow bottom of the burner

  • Carefully light the tea light

  • Take a piece of wax cut to desired amount and place on flat top (do not over fill)

  • Keep an eye on your tea light

  • When you are finished just turn off & remove the heat source the wax will solidify

  • You may reuse wax until it has finished

We hope this was informative and you learned how to use our starter kit!


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